Andrew Hill

Point Of Departure
Original Mono



Original mono Microgroove pressing from 1965. VAN GELDER stampers; Playstilite. West 61st cover.

Wonderful copy

For the most part, this LP sounds amazing.

There is an inaudible scuff on side 1 (the whole side plays beautifully).

On side two there are two marks — one is a small scratch that lets out some faint clicks on a couple rotations. No big deal. The other mark is a group of marks running with the grooves. On my main deck, they do not make a peep — if you didn’t see them, you wouldn’t know they were there. However, on my other deck, which has not been professionally calibrated, those same marks let out a brief whoosh-like sound on two rotations. (I assume the marks were made by an unlevel turntable at some point in the past.)

If your deck is properly set up, this record will sound incredible. Of course, you’re welcome to hear listen to it before you buy. A truly wonderful thing!


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