Bob Dylan

Royal Albert Hall



From Bob’s Boots: “This 1971 release is most probably the first ever to have the ‘Royal Albert Hall’  name on the jacket. Released by the Trade Mark Of Quality Label, this LP is among the first ten releases from what would become the most prolific vinyl bootleg company of all time.”

Single LP version which was recorded right from the boards and includes the entirety of Dylan’s first-ever electric concert from 1966. Though this is recorded from the boards and has no audience audio except between the tracks, it includes one very identifiable “Judas!” followed by cheers and a much louder, “I don’t believe you. You’re a liar.”


This is probably a 1973 reissue of that bootleg as it doesn’t have the GWW stamped cover. The record is still in the shrink and the vinyl is scratch free but of the low-quality in appearance that was typical of boots of the day. Sounds “good” though.


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