Freitag F21 Nightclub

White and Blue



The Freitag Nightclub F21 was created by Freitag of Switzerland. It was specifically manufactured for DJs to carry 12″ records. It’ll hold approx 40 records and has an additional pocket for smaller items. The shoulder strap is easily adjustable so suitable for people of all heights.

Each Freitag bag is manufactured from used truck tarps, so they are resistant to the elements  — and because no two tarps (or segments of tarps) are identical, each bag is unique. They’re also environmentally friendly because the tarps are being reused (upcycled) after being retired from the sides of trucks.

Freitag is one of my favorite companies in the world. I use their bags when I shop locally or travel around the world. They never let me down. I own 27 of their bags in various shapes and sizes and am listing a few here until I get it down to a more manageable amount.

Freitag stopped manufacturing the Nightclub in the mid-2010s. The retail price when new was US$240.

Note that in the video below, which shows you the bag in action, the laptop sleeve at the beginning was sold separately. They’re just showing you that a 13″ laptop can fit inside.


Fantastic shape! Very small pinhole-sized hole in one corner. Otherwise solid all around. Great bag!


Text or telephone 416 55 66 278 to inquire.