Freitag Hazzard




The Freitag Hazzard F303 is a backpack suitable for carry-on. It holds records, has padded compartments for a laptop and an iPad or tablet. It features padded shoulder straps that can be tucked away into the rear, allowing the bag to be carried by a handle on its side.

The Hazzard is still manufactured, and has a retail price of us$370 (about C$430). However, the current style of it is slightly changed from mine, which is the original. The new one still has the same features, but they shrank it ever so slightly and it can no longer accommodate records.

Each Freitag bag is manufactured from used truck tarps, so they are resistant to the elements  — and because no two tarps (or segments of tarps) are identical, each bag is unique. They’re also environmentally friendly because the tarps are being reused (upcycled) after being retired from the sides of trucks.

Freitag is one of my favorite companies ever. I use their bags when I shop locally or travel around the world. They never let me down. I own 27 of their bags in various shapes and sizes and am listing a few here until I get it down to a more manageable amount.

Terrific bag!

The Hazzard has a lot going for it. It can hold about 20 records along with a laptop and tablet. It’ll fit under an airplane seat so is suitable for carry-on travel (this particular bag has been to Cuba, Spain, and LA about 15 times). It has padded innards to protect your electronics. When you don’t want to deal with the straps, you can zip them away and carry it like a briefcase.

I purchased the bag in all-white to make it easily visible when riding my bike at night. It’s also not super tall so is easy to see over when cycling and doing a shoulder-check.

Of all the bags I have listed and will list, it’s the only one that’s fully waterproof.


Text or telephone 416 55 66 278 to inquire.