A I A :
Dream Loss & Alien Observation
Special Editions


The rarest of Grouper

Here’s what Discogs says:

“Included as part of the A I A set and limited  to five copies, sold directly from Liz Harris to support the International Rescue Committee in the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima Earthquake. The package included the following:

A I A Dream Loss LP- with customized outer jacket, inner jacket and protective sleeve
A I A Alien Observer LP- with customized outer jacket, inner jacket and protective sleeve
1 x art print
1 x hand printed tee shirt

Comes with double sided picture insert and separate track listing insert.”

I agree with most of that, but at the time, I was communicating with Liz and am pretty sure that these were limited to 10 copies, not 5. I bought 3 of them (they were quite pricey as it was for charity).  I sold one at Vortex in 2011 and one unplayed set  two years ago through Volver for $300 with the T-Shirt, and have one in my “non-existent personal collection.” The one from Vortex was sold back to me last week without the T-shirt and that is the one I’m selling here — except I have swapped out the used copies that I repurchased for my unplayed copies. So, essentially this is a new set, minus the t-shirt. (The seller told me she didn’t play them and I believe her as she also bought the standard records from me at Vortex to use as her play copies; but just to be sure they’re “new” I subbed in my own.)


Records are unplayed. T-shirt is missing but otherwise the set is complete. When Harris did these, the outer bags that she customized were quite cheap quality so do have a bit of shelf-wear on the edges of the clear plastic. Otherwise these look new because they are.

I had the only ones in Canada in 2011 (Vortex had Canadian exclusives on many Grouper items), and they were so few made, that you are very unlikely to ever see another set unless I decide to sell my own, which is unlikely.

Though there is an entry on Discogs, it has never been listed for sale on there.