John Coltrane

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters
US Original


Triple LP

An all-time classic expanded to include unreleased sextet recordings from Coltrane’s personal tapes; 20-page booklet with the artist’s musical notations, rare images and an essay by Ashley Kahn.

From that booklet: “Original analog tapes were used for all tracks except LP 2/Side 4 tracks 3 and 4, which by necessity were sourced from digital copies. LP 1 and LP 3 are stereo, LP 2 is mono. Dropouts and other minor tape anomalies that may be heard are a by-product of the historical nature of his material, some of which derives from Coltrane’s personal collection, and were not corrected or otherwise manipulated.”

Nice one!

Excellent shape. Includes booklet. I also have a Japanese pressing of Love Supreme available here.


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