Kleenex / Liliput

1977 1983


Box set

Compilation of Kleenex / Liliput’s output. 4LPs and a book in a heavy cardboard box. Says Allmusic of the Swiss band: they “made some of the best, most adventurous, most exhilarating, and most critically derided music” of the punk rock era. More about them on the Riotgrrrl site.

I remember way back in 2011, when I was running Vortex, I brought 20 of these into the store, direct from the label. I believe we had an exclusive on it for about 6 months and then other stores started finding them at other suppliers.

Great shape

Tiny bit of wear on the box but otherwise excellent shape. Around this time, many Mississippi releases did have some streaks on their pressings. This set is no exception. Doesn’t affect play at all.


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