Led Zeppelin

Physical Graffiti
UK Original


A True First

There are essentially three different iterations of a First UK pressing with the rarest of those three considered a “true first,” which is what this is. How do you tell the difference between them? A true first must have all of these elements:

  • Matrices that end in A1 B4 C1 D1
  • The foldover insert must have a satin finish inside and out
  • The foldover insert must only have been scored once (later double-scored)
  • 484 Kings Road Address On Rear Sleeve & foldover insert
  • No Warner logo on the label’s rim text (added later)
  • Inner sleeves read SSK 89400/A and SSK 89400/B (later removed)
  • Sleeve printed and made in England by Gothic Print Finishers
  • Cover and inner sleeves are textured on the inside

Of course, all elements are present on this pressing. Keep in mind that the Discogs entry for the first UK edition is a mess, with various sales data for non-first editions messing up the median.


The wax is very clean but for one inaudible mark on S1. Sides play with an absolute minimum of crackle — usually only audible when between tracks. Album plays nice — loud and quiet in all the right places.

When I purchased this, the seller warned me of a loud pop on In My Time of Dying. Play found this description accurate, but I managed to remove it with laborious manipulation of secret industry magic, a/k/a horse hair and elbow grease. All sides are now pop-free!

Cover has minimal wear on the openings. All seams are intact. One inner sleeve features slight fray on one edge, but the seam is intact.

Foldover insert has slight discoloration but is fully intact.

Unquestionably the finest copy of this I’ve ever seen, and I would gamble the same would be true for you should you get a glimpse.


Text or telephone 416 55 66 278 to inquire.