The site will be going through scheduled maintenance beginning 9pm March 3.

Though I do not foresee major issues, I will NOT be posting records Thursday, March 4. Read on for details.


I have been having repeated email issues with the .TO domain and as a result will be moving to

If you visit on the web, it will still show you the records, but when the .to domain expires in a few months (it's not cheap to renew), you will get an error. So, I suggest you get into the habit of visiting .ca instead.

If you visit the site with a bookmark or shortcut on your phone, change the domain to now.

My email address will change to As a result, I'm asking people to update their contacts to reflect the email change. This is especially important if you're subscribed to the mailing lists as incoming mailouts will come from the new address.

Beginning March 5, emails sent to .to will vanish into the ether.

Just to cover my butt in case something goes wrong, I will not be posting records at 7pm March 4.


- Website will live at

- Records will display at

- Not-records will be at

- Email address will change to


- Times that records are posted

- eTransfer email address

- Phone number

- The physical (pickup) location