Rega Planar 2


Rega Planar 2

This is a superb entry-level turntable. (Rega does make one beneath this one, which they consider their low-end.)

Why I like it:

  • Great sound
  • Sleek, minimal look
  • Nice price
Great sound

I picked this turntable up at a housecall about 4 months ago. I took it to Bay Bloor Radio for a check up and all came back healthy but we replaced the belt just to be sure. It’s been the play station turntable at Volver ever since (I like the sound of the Ortofon Blue and was too lazy to move it).

This table is being sold with no cartridge for $450, or with the attached Ortofon Blue 2M for $700 or you can add a brand new Ortofon Red 2M for a total of $550.


Text or telephone 416 55 66 278 to inquire.