Richard Skelton




If any of ambient / 20C musician Richard Skelton’s numerous releases brought him attention, it was this extraordinary 2009 2LP from the fantastic Type Records. If memory serves, it was limited to 400 copies. I brought 5 of them into Vortex when it came out and this one came back to me this week.

Here’s a lengthy quote about it from The Quietus: “Opening with the stark, blustery ‘Noon Hill Wood’, which highlights the power and grace of his metallic, sweeping violins, Landings distills Skelton’s sound down to its absolute emotional core. The record acts almost as a summary of Skelton’s entire output – from the intimate, lonely guitar of ‘Scar Tissue’ to the cavernous atmospherics of ‘The Shape Leaves’ – but throughout the musical language is so direct, so uncluttered, that nowhere does this large-scale work seem to meander or overindulge. Skelton’s unflinching sincerity and the understated eloquence of his musical communication enables him to transform such preoccupations with loss and decay into beautiful, captivating works of steady healing and cautious hope.”

And here’s Allmusic: ” Landings is a remarkable work with remarkable production values, unimpaired by its generous length” and XL8R says, “It is a privilege to hear.” From Sputnik: “Sinking into Landings may just be one of the best musical experiences you will ever encounter: if not because it maintains such a strong sense of place. It was recorded over the stretch of 4 years in rural Northern England, and manages to encompass the wonder and beauty that can be found there perfectly. From the outlook it’s hostile and quite sad, but it remains, at all times, incredibly moving.”

Original pressings came with a bonus CD.

Very nice

A few faint marks on the vinyl but nothing significant. The cover is intact but has residue of a price-tag. Missing the bonus CD. Terrific copy of this ambient rarity.


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