Rolling Stones

Exile On Main St.
UK Original



The first UK pressing of Exile has a few things of note on the Unipak sleeve: 1. They forgot to put the TM symbol on the Stones’ “tongue” logo on the bottom right hand corner of the rear cover; 2. the space the records slide in to was too small to house both LPs, both cardboard inner sleeves, and a selection of postcards. As a result, the glue on them came undone and the Unipak now opened like a tri-fold.

There of course other tell-tale signs (Artisan runouts, etc), but if the above things of note aren’t there, it’s not a first. (They added the TM pretty quick and all other aspects are the same so some people consider the one with the TM to be a late first.)

Obviously this copy fits the bill in all cases (no TM, slide-space too small, glue’s come apart, Artisan…)


The records and the sleeves (inner and cover) are in phenomenal shape, regardless of the glue coming off. Records have very minimal surface marks but they do not affect it — all sides play without issue. I’ve only found one of these before and it was beat to hell. This one is incredible.

Only one issue: it’s missing the postcards.


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