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is a Brooklyn-based literary and art magazine. Volver's copies are supplied directly from the publisher.

One of the nine best literary magazines in the world right now.
-- Stack


Fall 2020


Nonfiction by Connor McDonald, Erica Peplin, Emmalea Russo, and Ajibola Tolase

Fiction by Sydney Warner Brooman and Ethan Feuer

Poems by Kelli Allen, Mary Boo Anderson, Mel Compo, Chenee Daley, JD Debris, India Lena González, Elena Isaeva (trans. Fiona Bell), David Keplinger, Nathaniel Rosenthalis, Matvei Yankelevich, and Emilie Yardley-Hodges

Art & Photography by Mattia Balsamini, David Billet, Jared Buschang, Faith Couch, Cat Crandall Duffy, Chioma Ebinama, Albert Elm, Peter Fisher, Rob Frogoso, Marcelo Gomes, Justin Guthrie, Amanda Hakan, Hailey Heaton, Janna Ireland, Amanda Johansson, Brian Kanagaki, Justin Kaneps, Jackson Krule, Matthew Leifheit, Sean Lemoine, Justin Leveritt, Molly Matalon, Geray Mena, Azikiwe Mohammed, Philotheus Nisch, Laurie Rollitt, Eric Ruby, Milos Simic, Prarthna Singh, Luke Stephenson, Thang Tran, Lluís Tudela, and Reece T. Williams

Cover by DeSean McClinton-Holland

Design by No Ideas


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Summer 2018

Nonfiction by Massoud Hayoun and Malika McCoy

Fiction by Sasha Laing, Eric Magnuson, Erica Peplin, and Ella Pfalzgraff

Poetry by Noor Al-Samarrai, Shannon Austin, Harris Bauer, Anna D’Alton, Rebeca Felix, Violeta Gil, Jane Huffman, Leah Kiureghian, John Moessner, Allie Shyer, Jessica Yuan, and Faye Yan Zhang

Art and Photography by Charlotte Ager, Sanghyuk Bang, Lila Barth, Kyle Berger, Ola Billmont, Raine Dover, Charlie Engman, Elena Evgen’evny, Philippe Fragnière, Peter Garritano, Antonin Guillot, Toms Harjo, Kathryn Allen Hurni, Eduardo Infante, February James, Peter Kaaden, Charlie Kwai, Robert Lang, Alex Maeland, Linus Malmqvist, Keetje Mans, Tanya Marcuse, Henry McCausland, Jesús Monterde, Cheryl Mung, Laura Plageman, Nigel Shafran, Linnea Stephan, Arne Svenson, Hiro Tanaka, Tonje Thilesen, and Yarisal & Kublitz


In stock.

Text or telephone 416 556 6278 to reserve yours and schedule a pickup. Volver does not ship.

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