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Pen Type-B
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is a minimal everyday pen, over-engineered to last generations.

The ultimate pen for illustrators, designers, and architects. In a pinch, it can double as a kubotan.


Precision machined to create a piston-like effect between the pen and sleeve. The pen falls slowly and makes a nice popping sound when you pull it quickly from its sleeve.

The Pen Type-B is designed by the superb CW&T and is the best pen I own. The Brooklyn studio makes the pen in brass or titanium. (Pictured, left to right: matte titanium, polished titanium, polished brass, Cerakote-coated titanium.)

I purchased my first one, in brass, in 2016, and it has travelled around the world with me — from the Mediterranean to Los Angeles to the Dominican to Vanuatu — always tucked nicely into my Freitag notebook.

For my taste, the Pen Type-B is the perfect size — not too long, too short, or too thick — all things that are important in a pen.  It’s beautiful, superbly engineered to have everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s just right and just works, because at its most base, what you need a pen to do is write reliably and feel comfortable in your hand when doing so. When you put it down, it needs to not roll away. That’s it. Anything else is window-dressing.

So, what if you could have all that in an elegant, minimal form-factor, and have the pen accept one of the most beloved and available refills on the market, the Hi-Tec C? (Don’t like that refill? You can buy a spacer for a couple bucks that allows the Type-B to accept a number of other popular refills.)


One function the Pen Type-B fills that I’ve never seen mentioned elsewhere is that of personal protection. It’s about the same length and diameter as a standard Kubotan, a small, pocketable self-defence weapon.

When I’m in unfamiliar or unsafe places, I carry my Pen Type-B the way many women carry their keys — ready to use as a striking instrument if need be.

The Type-B is unquestionably more durable than a regular pen, which can shatter upon impact, but is superior to an actual Kubotan, because it is a pen, meaning you can take it anywhere, including on flights. I only fly carry-on and my Pen Type-B has never been questioned when passing security.


Polished Brass: $200
Titanium – Matte: $265
Titanium – Polished: $265
Titanium – Black Cerakote: $290

Each pen comes with a Black Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm cartridge pre-loaded.

Volver currently has stock of the Matte Titanium model. Other models can be special ordered and will arrive in a few days.


To purchase any model of the Pen Type-B, text or telephone 416 556 6278 to schedule a pick up. Volver does not ship.

Don’t live in Toronto? You can purchase a Pen Type-B directly from CW&T, though there are shipping charges and customs/duty, taxes when it crosses the border (and of course, their prices are in Americna dollars). Those costs are included when purchasing from Volver. My prices are flat.

For a more extensive explanation of shopping with Volver, there is a How Does It Work page.

Photos of the used brass model follow.