are being offered to Volver customers.

Coming to Volver to pick up a purchase? Feel free to choose a book from the list below and I will add it to your purchase, gratis. Not all books are in collector's condition, but all are certainly in very readable condition and are from my personal library.


ONE free book per pickup. The book is yours to keep.

Choose the title when confirming your appointment.

If you wish, you may return the book during another pick up, but this is not a requirement. Returned books will again be offered to others on this page.

Want one of the books without making a purchase at Volver? Or want more than one book per pick up? Each title or extra title is $5 and no titles count towards getting free books.

I will add more books at whim and will sort them by alphabetical batches so you don't have to read the whole list each time.



Bausch, Richard – The Stories Of
Biskind, Peter – Gods and Monsters
Bruen, Ken – Calibre
Calvino, Italo – Into the War
Camus, Albert – The Plague
Catling, B. – The Erstwhile
Cheever, John – Bullet Park
Cohen, Leonard – Beautiful Losers
Cohen, Leonard – Favorite Game
Crumley, James – Dancing Bear
Crumley, James – The Right Madness
Crumley, James – The Wrong Case
Davis, Brian Joseph – The Portable Altamont
Denfeld, Rene, The Enchanted
Ducornet, Rikki – Netsuke
Faust, Christa – Choke Hold
Fitzgerald, F Scott – The Great Gatsby
Gifford, Barry – Port Tropique
Griffith, Nicola – Stay
Hasford, Gustav – The Short-timers
Hendricks, Greer and Sarah Pekkanen – Wife Between Us
Hermann, Iselin C – Priority
Highsmith, Patricia – Ripley’s Game
Jones, Gayle – Corregidora
Kael, Pauline – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kang, Han – The Vegetarian
Kirkley, Christopher – Folktales From the Sahel
Krist, Gary – Garden State
Lelic, Simon – A Thousand Cuts
Levy, Deborah – Swimming Home
MacDonald, Ross – Far Side of the Dollar
Millet, Lydia – My Happy Life
Moore, Lorrie – Self-Help
Olmstead, Robert – Soft Water
Parker, Dorothy – The Portable DP
Quatro, Jamie – Fire Sermon
Schenkel, Andrea Maria – The Dark Meadow
Sheldrake, Rupert – Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home
St Aubyn, Edward – A Clue to Exit
Vachss, Andrew – Shella