from Volver never expire and are good for all my wares.


Volver Gift Certificates can be purchased in any dollar denomination (minimum $20) and they never expire. They have no cash value but can be used against any of the wares offered on my site -- even for pre-orders or sale items!

For the purposes of explaining how Volver Gift Certificates work, from here on in the purchases of the GC will be referred to as the Gifter. The person the GC is purchased for is the Giftee.

First, there is no physical manifestation of the certificate. Partly because I hate needless wastes of paper or plastic and second because I know from experience that said pieces of paper or plastic are easily lost.

Instead, the Giftee is notified via text message of their gift at a specific time on a specific date (for example, a birthday or Christmas) provided to me by the Gifter at the time of purchase. If the Gifter prefers not to choose a date/time at the time of purchase, they can instead buy the Gift Certificate and later notify me to SEND NOW and it will be sent within two hours. This is useful if the Gifter wants to notify the Giftee of the Certificate in person at a not-yet-known date/time.

The Gifter can choose to have a general message sent as the announcement or can draft the message themselves and it will be sent word-for-word at the specified date/time.

Then, as the Giftee spends their gift certificate, their new total is updated via text -- You have $20 remaining on your gift certificate from (name of Gifter). -- thereby reminding them of your gift to them as it's used.

As an added bonus, when an existing customer purchases a gift certificates for someone who is not yet a Volver customer, it comes with a 10% bonus. The Gifter can keep this bonus for themselves or choose to have it added onto the total amount of the Gift Certificate.

For example, an existing customer purchases a $100 GC for a friend who is not yet a customer. The Gifter gets a $10 credit and the Giftee gets $100 Gift Certificate OR the Giftee gets a $110 Gift Certificate.


When I say I will send a gift announcement word-for-word, I retain the right to veto any announcements I deem unworthy. Generally this will be to avoid associating Volver with language not suitable between a retailer and a customer. This caveat also exists in case someone chooses to use more words than would be considered reasonable for a text message.

Since Volver is a text-based business, all customers are added to my contacts after their first purchase. Therefore an existing customer is defined as someone who is in my contacts and a new customer is someone who isn't.


Would you like to purchase a gift certificate? The easiest way is to contact me by text or email with your name, the name and cell number of the person you're buying for, the message you'd like to send and date/time you want it sent, as well as the denomination. I'll respond with confirmation and payment details. My number is 416 556 6278 and my email is

Keep in mind that Volver does not ship. The person you're buying for must be ready to pick up in person.