looks at travel, design, art, culture, and food through a green lens.

It's a handsomely photographed publication for “discerning and curious individuals who just happen to smoke weed.”


Volume Five

Featuring Conversations with the poet Fariha Róisín, actor Adam Pally, musician Soko, and bail activist Arissa Hall, features by the likes of Anjali Khosla, Foster Kamer, and Nina St. Pierre, and art by creatives including Daveed Baptiste, Bobby Doherty, and Stella Murphy, we hope Volume Five will give you a colorful distraction and some much needed respite from the world today.

- Actress and musician Soko on cannabis, living out of a suitcase and why a little red goes a long way

- Poet Fariha Róisín on pleasure, plant medicine and why perfection has no place in faith.

- The prophetic flower: the curious case of the udumbara

- Leap of face: The facts (and fiction) of cannabinoid skin care.


144 pages.

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