CW&T //
Aluminum Herring Blade
// $95


is a super low profile utility knife for precision cutting and everyday carry.

This stylish, minimal tool is ideal for everyday cutting + carry. Use it for everything from opening packages to precision studio work.



Designed for single handed quick access and operation.

A magnetic mechanism keeps the blade locked in position with no moving parts.

A neodymium magnet + precision machined latch keeps the blade in position while retracted. To draw the blade, use your thumb to press the surface of the blade. This will detach the blade from a magnet and let you bypass the latch. You’ll hear + feel a satisfying click. Then slide the blade into position and release your thumb. You can easily do this with one hand.

Herring Blade is thin, lightweight and free of bulky mechanisms. Carry it everywhere you go or use it as a bookmark in your favorite sketchbook. The locking mechanism ensure the blade stays retracted in your pocket until you press the blade down to draw it out with your thumb. Herring blade is the same thickness as 4 credit cards.

While the custom notched blade gives some added functionality, Herring Blade is also compatible with standard 18mm snap blades.

Volver currently has stock of the Black Type III Hardcoat Anodize 7075 Aluminum model meant for right-handed use.

Price includes 10 extra specially-notched blades.


Visit CW&T's site for more information on Herring Blade -- or to view videos of it in action.