inCharge Charging Cables
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inCharge CABLES

are the best charging cables I've ever used.

I thought you might like them, too.


inCharge cables are made by a Swiss company called Rolling Square.

Put simply, they're ingeniously thought-out -- they're small, portable, and adaptable -- and they're ruggedly-built.

Hands-down, they are the best cables I've ever found. Best of all, the 6 and the Max will fit on your key-ring.

It is likely that no matter what brand of phone, tablet, laptop, earbuds, headphones, e-reader, or portable game console you own, an inCharge cable will charge all of them because that one cable can handle USB, USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning.

Have a high-end device that can handle faster charging speeds? The inCharge X is the inCharge 6 on steroids.

I've charged the following devices with a single inCharge X cable:

- MacBook Air M1 and Google Pixelbook laptops
- OnePlus 8 Pro and Galaxy Note 8 Android phones
- Samsung Galaxy Buds Headphones
- iPhone 6, 8, and 12 Pro Max
- Onyx Boox Nova2 and Kindle Paperwhite eReaders
- Eufy Bathroom Scale
- The front and rear lights, and horn, for my bike
- BluRams Camera Doorbell
- iPad Air


The inCharge 6 has a data transfer speed of 480 mbps / 60 mbps and a charging speed of up to 15W (5V/3A). It is suitable for the majority of phones on the market.

It is just under 3 inches long and can click onto your key-ring. Perfect for everyday carry.

The inCharge 6 Max has the same speeds as the regular 6 but is just under 3 feet long.

The inCharge X allows USB-C to USB-C ultra fast charging up to 100W and Apple’s fast charging up to 18W. Thanks to its proprietary chip, inCharge X can even charge laptops and tablets. So that you’ll never be without power again.

The inCharge X is just under 3 inches long and uses magnets to wrap around your key-ring. Also perfect for everyday carry. It even has a plastic protective cap.

The inCharge X Max has the same fast speeds as the X but is just under 3 feet long.


inCharge 6 - Gold - $25 - In Stock
inCharge 6 Max - Black - $35 - In Stock

inCharge X - Blue - $40 - In Stock
inCharge X - Black - $40 - In Stock
inCharge X Max - Black - $50 - In Stock


Text or telephone 416 556 6278 to schedule a pick up. Volver does not ship. Not in Toronto? You can purchase inCharge cables directly from Rolling Square for the same price I sell them for -- though you'll have to pay shipping and customs.