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ARIANNA BAVUSO – Introducing her passion for beauty in architecture and and how it leads to a better quality of life

ANTONY COINTRE – How to become an amazing chef instead of a scared actor

ANEKDOT – The importance of what you wear against your skin

REFORM – An affordable kitchen with outstanding design didn’t exist until Jeppe and Michael started their brand

TANDEM ROASTERY – Combining a shared passion for good coffee, great vinyl and friendly people

CÉDRIC CHAUVAUD – How watching your kids play leads to inventing new technologies used from Hollywood to Mars

TOMIHIRO KONO – From the traditional art of Geisha hairstyling to creating wigs for fashion shows and brands

MARTINA KUDLÁČEK interviewed by PETER SCHERNHUBER – Directing documentaries about avant-garde cinema and the love for archival work

MARTINO DI NAPOLI RAMPOLLA – Turning a family Palazzo into a space for artists, visitors and travelers from all over the world including the city you live in

EMILY ELYSE MILLER – Exploring new ways of doing business and communicating with her cereal brand OffLimits

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