$25 per issue


is an independent not-for-profit annual literary journal edited by author Diane Williams.

Founded in 2000, NOON publishes fiction and (sometimes) essays and drawings. NOON stories have won numerous awards and prizes, including 8 Pushcart Prizes in the past 10 years.

I've tried, but have never been able to find it in Toronto. And I'm tired of looking.

“A beautiful annual that remains staunchly avant-garde in its commitment to work that is oblique, enigmatic and impossible to ignore. . .stories that leave a flashbulb’s glow behind the eyes even as they resist sense.” — The New York Times

“Shimmers with courage, strangeness and unknown voices.” — Time Out New York

“A compendium of unlikely pleasures: short prose and illustrations that challenge us to think about meaning and narrative. The brainchild of fiction writer Diane Williams, who edits it, Noon has been around since 2000, publishing a single issue annually; it is elegantly designed and curated, a journal that wears its intentions on its sleeve.” — The Los Angeles Times

“NOON sets itself apart from the crowded field of literary journals with the quality of its submissions, its clean, easy-to-read design, and eye-catching cover. … The editors of NOON adeptly select innovative, original, and highly readable work.” — Library Journal

“The best stories in NOON are, indeed, stunning, in the sense that they leave one conscious of powerful meanings not yet fully absorbed.” — Times Literary Supplement

With these bona fides, why is NOON impossible to find in a city with so many great independent bookstores? And what can I do to fix this?

As with my agreement with Apartamento, I brought NOON in directly from the publication itself. No middlemen. No nonsense. Max money for the mag and guaranteed copies for Volver!

Available now: Issues 20 and 21. Price is $25 per.

Text or Telephone 416 556 6278 to purchase. Volver does not ship.