is a combination bike bell, horn, and light.

Mine's saved my ass countless times over the years -- I've decided to start selling them as they're the best bike bell/horn I know of.


With its magic wail-tail!

The Orp wraps onto your bike's handlebars and acts as a bell, a horn, and a light. It's dead simple to operate and extremely affective.

It's rechargeable, with a long-lasting battery.

The Remorp is a wired remote that makes the Orp even easier to activate. Though sold separately, I consider it an essential add-on.

Since it's easier to demonstrate than it is to describe, check out the video below to see all of the Orp's functions.

ORP alone is $65.
Remorp alone is $20.
ORP + Remorp is $80.

Text 416 556 6278 to order.


Please better explain the Remorp.
As you can see in the first part of the video, you activate the Orp's sounds by pressing the wail-tail up or down. This is easy on BMX or single-speed bikes, or bikes without hand-brakes because the tail is right next to your thumb. However, if you have hand-brakes or anything else close to your hand grips, the Orp will be positioned further away. The Remorp is smaller and sticks right next to your hand-grip (on either side of the bike) and allows you to put the Orp anywhere else on the bars -- for instance, near the head-set, in the middle of the bars. Very handy.

Are these in stock?
Yes. I currently have them in Orange.

Possible to see one in action?
I've had my Orp for almost 7 years. If you want to see one in action, come by and I'll show it to you.