is a biannual publication focusing on niche music communities around the world & their intersection with the worlds of art, fashion, and culture.

Led by in-depth interviews, image portfolios, and photography that gives a unique view into homes and studio spaces, the magazine has just launched their 9th issue.

Volver currently has stock of issues 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9. Each issue is $35 all-in.

Interested in picking up a copy? Drop me an email or text 416 556 6278. Quantities are limited.

Here’s a breakdown of the in-stock issues:

#9 is 212 pages and features Bradley Zero, Sébastien Tellier, Yu Su, Gerd Janson, June Jones, The Twilite Tone, Eug, Vanessa Worm, Ana Roxanne, Oskar Mann, and the Beats in Space visual feature, “Postcards Through Time and Space”.

#8 is sold out but was 208 pages and features Louise Chen, John Gómez, Apiento, Regularfantasy, Lauer, Beatrice Dillon, Public Possession, River Yarra, Sadar Bahar, Anthony Naples, and the visual feature, “A Decade of Power and L.I.E.S.”

#7 is 208 pages and features Biscuit, Colin Self, Michel Gaubert, Budino, Andras, Eric Duncan, Weyes Blood, The Juan MacLean, Roza Terenzi, and the visual feature “Miró & Music”. This issue also includes a 68-page supplement: “Playing To The Gods – A visual exploration of Bali’s gamelan culture. Photography by Nathan Perkel.”

#6 is 248 pages and features Kenji Takimi, Heidi Lawden, Nicky Siano, Christophe Lemaire, Cale Sexton, Vidal Benjamin, Georgia, Matthew Higgs, Yasmina Dexter, Ivan Berko and Current Wave: Contemporary T-Shirts From the Scene.

#5 is 198 pages and features Raphaël Top-Secret, Julianna Barwick, Misha Hollenbach, Jacques Renault, Carla Dal Forno, Arthur Russell Invites, Michael Kucyk, Avalon Emerson, Thomas Bullock, Dubby, Marie Davidson and Bell Towers. This issue also features a supplement: “RVNG Intl. Experiments in Design and Collaboration: 2003–2018. 72 pages, Saddle stitch, Softcover.”

#4 is 212 pages and features Kim Ann Foxman, Suso Sáiz, Joe Goddard, Alexis Le-Tan, Jonnine Standish, Keith Haring Party Invites, Ron Morelli, Andee Frost, Paramida, Eddie Ruscha, Phil Mison, Justin Van Der Volgen and Ruggero Pietromarchi.

Call or text 416 556 6278 to schedule a pick up. Volver does not ship.