Signed Crad Kilodney Books


was famous for selling his self-published books on the Toronto streets for almost two decades.

I was an acquaintance of Crad's from 1982 until 1995 and I directed a documentary about him (1990) and co-produced another (1993). These are signed copies of his books purchased directly from him.


Titles included in this bundle:

1. Blood-sucking Monkeys from North Tonawanda (stories)

2. Excrement (novella)

3. Putrid Scum (Novel)

4. Suburban Chicken-strangling Stories (stories)

5. I Chewed Mrs. Ewing's Raw Guts (stories)

6. Malignant Humors (stories)

7. Junior Brain Tumors In Action (stories)

8. The First Charnal House Anthology of Bad Poetry

9. The Second Charnal House Anthology of Bad Poetry

The first seven books are signed by Crad. The poetry anthologies are not.

Condition is mostly excellent, though keep in mind most of these are self-published and a few had cardstock covers. They have minor shelf-wear. Photos below are my actual copies.

They were all purchased new by me so have had one owner and are not dog-eared and haven't been tented.

They've always been in a smoke-free home.


Photos of all covers are below.