The Ride Journal
Bundle of
Issues 1 - 4

The Ride Journal

was a cycling magazine that lasted seven years and 10 stunning issues.

Each volume featured personal tales written by people who love riding their bikes, combined with fantastic illustration, comics, and photography.

If I remember correctly, the first issue was a Kickstarter project that I backed. It was hand-numbered and limited to 1000 copies. I subscribed to get the next 3 issues.

Though it’s hard to find information on The Ride Journal online, there is a video flip-thru of their final issue on Vimeo.

I’m selling these first 4 issues as a bundle. They’re in great shape but issue 3 has minor water damage to the cover. Obviously, I won’t be restocking.

You can view all four glorious wraparound covers — designed by I Love Dust — below.