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Time Since Launch

Time Since Launch

is a single-use, long-scale
launch clock.

Pull the pin to begin counting for 2,738 years.

Unique. Beautiful. Bizarre.

These are the most common things people say when they see my Time Since Launch. They emerge from my bathroom — which is where I keep my TSL, though you can keep yours wherever you like — and ask what the “bomb in a tube” is that was counting away while they did their business.

“Well,” I tell them, “it’s a single-use, last-a-lifetime launch clock that helps you commemorate a precise moment in your life. You pull the pin and it starts counting forwards… forever.

“You cannot stop it. You cannot reset it. You cannot forget what you wanted to remember when you started it.

“Bought a new house? Pull the pin. Tied the knot? Pull the pin. Gave birth? Pull the pin. Downed your final shot? Pull the pin… and forever know precisely how much time has passed since you changed your life.”

You can rest it on a surface, as I have done, or hang it on the wall with the included brace. I suggest you put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. It’ll make you remember. It’ll make you think. It’ll make you smile. Tell anyone who asks about it that ___________ has passed since you _________. Or be like me and keep the details to yourself.