tells the stories of rescue dogs and their people.

Find plenty of very good dogs and humans, whose stories will inspire you to get involved and hug your own rescue dog even more. For underdogs and wonderdogs.


Soi Dog Foundation, Crete, Fear Aggression

The cover stars of issue 3: Sowa and Sowy, two young dogs who were rescued by Soi Dog Foundation.

In This Issue:

Award-winning Spanish documentary filmmaker Yeray Lopez talks to us about his film Yo Galgo, highlighting the plight of Spanish hunting dogs, and about the deeply personal journey he has been on, to discover the origins of his own galgo.

Russian designer Ksenia Kolosova may be the coolest girl in Moscow, and she writes for Wunderdog about the many dogs she has saved – on her own, without the help of a formal organisation. Ksenia’s story tells us as much about life in Moscow as it does about the international rescue dog community.

From the US, Laura Simpson outlines how her Harmony Fund sprinkles its virtual fairy dust on struggling animal rescue operations around the world.

And closer to Wunderdog’s home, The Dogvine’s super-bloggers Belinha and Teresa Keohane take us around London, for an eye-popping, tail-wagging tour of the most dog-centric sights.


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