Criterion //
First Edition

Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman
// Criterion First Edition

is a 27-disc collection of all 25 original Katsu Shintarō Zatoichi films released between 1962 and 1973.

Blu-Ray + DVD + Hardcover Book

Criterion has issued this a few times, but only once as a comprehensive 27-disc BRD / DVD set. The discs come in a fold-out book and are accompanied by a hardcover book of text and illustrations.

Though the films are still in-print as a Blu-ray only 9-disc set, Criterion has no plans to reissue it like this.

As for this copy, the discs are untouched and the package in opened but still in  shrinkwrap. The pictures below are the actual in-hand set; the photo above is a stock photo provided by Criterion.