The Clash

The Clash
Canadian 1979


Blue Cover

I have two copies of the 1979 Canadian pressing of The Clash’s self-titled debut with the blue cover.

One which came with a 7″, which is a promo, and the other which is the standard release which did not come with a 7″.

(Photos are above)

Condition of both the LP and the 7″ are extraordinary. Cover has slight wear including a very small fray on the bottom seam. It is not a split — cover is intact. 7″ obviously has the original orange sleeve. 45 also was only released with this promo and not sold separately.

This is an unbelievably great copy of this release and it’s SOLD. Photos are above. When pricing on Discogs keep in mind most listings don’t have the 7″ or are for the 7″ only, which is why the price skews lower.

(Photos are below)

LP is in fantastic shape. Cover has a scratch on the right side and some streaking on the rear cover, possibly from water, but there are no “normal” signs of water damage.

This copy is also in wonderful shape and is SOLD. Photos are below.