The Rheostatis
(as The Howl Brothers)

Torque, Torque
Original Promo


Whale Music Promo

The Rheostatics scored a dreadful mid-90s film called Whale Music, about a fictional musician based on Brian Wilson. I saw it at the Festival of Festivals in ’94 and hated every minute of it, but hated it most when their music was playing. This track is a sort of spoof of ’60s California bands (note the ’62 copyright) that, if memory serves, Maury Chaykin’s character was supposed to have written way back when.


There’s a mark visible in the photo. It lets out some *faint* clicks as it passes at 45RPM, but the record plays without issue. I’ve seen 3 copies of this in my life and they all had that mark so I assume it’s a pressing issue. Generic sleeve.

Side note of trivia: (some of) The Rheostatics used to live down the hall from me.


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