The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers
Canadian First



When Sticky Fingers first came out, the first batch of covers were all printed in the UK despite the country they were headed to. This was due to the complexity of the cover with the real zipper. The US pressings had UK covers that claimed they were “US,” and included paper inserts stating the cover was “designed and printed in the UK”. They included a generic black paper inner sleeve that stated it was printed in the US. The records themselves were pressed in their respective countries.

This is an original Canadian, with Canadian labels, the US black inner sleeve, the UK printed insert stating that the cover was printed in the UK and a diamond on the working zipper. This makes this one from the first batch.

The second batch had the same scenario, but had a sticker on the rear claiming it was a Canadian pressing. Later batches were actually printed here and they eventually replaced the diamond on the zipper with the word “star”.

That’s the way a Stones fanatic explained it to me years ago and I thought he was full of it until this walked in the loft today. Only copy I’ve ever seen.


Looks new in every way. Extraordinary. Inner sleeve is intact, insert is perfect, zipper works and cover has intact seams and tight corners. Remarkable. Not a mark on the record.

Though I can find a copy that matches the runouts on Discogs, the one on there is missing the insert and inner and has also never been listed for sale.

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