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Written On the Wall
Cairo Records' Seventh Volume of American Soul


Coming in May

Original 3LP compilation of American Soul. This is the 7th Volume in this series. Expected to arrive in May.

From Cairo: “A triple LP with 28 page full color liner notes and a gold foil printed cover. 36 beautiful soul songs. Records 1 and 2 are pretty intense but it lightens up on record 3 and lets you breathe. Life is short, so you might as well feel it all while you can.”

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I am now taking pre-orders for this title. Pricing is still unknown as it will depend on shipping, customs, and exchange rate when ordered. I expect it to be $55 on the low-end and $70 on the high. They’re 3LP and a booklet so heavy. If you’d like to commit at $70, text me. If I’m able to sell them cheaper I of course will.

Volver had the first 4 volumes when they were issued and they sold immediately so guarantee yourself a copy by getting in touch now.

First time?

Volver does not ship. You shop online. You pick up in person.

Text or telephone 416 556 6278 to inquire about this title.

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