Velvet Underground & Nico

Original German


German Original

First German pressing. 1966 stamped into both sides of the deadwax. Gatefold cover. German catalog sticker on upper left corner of rear cover. Originally came with a yellow, peelable banana over top of the red banana.


This is a bit of a tough one. Discogs lists this as the ‘2nd German”, but I’m gonna call bullshit on that. They’ve got the “1st German” pressing being the one with 1966 stamped only on the A-side. This simply does not make any sense. The stampers would have been consistent on the first pressing and then swapped out as they wore down for later pressings, meaning the second would be stamped on one side and the third on neither. It wouldn’t have gone one, then two.

As for the cover of this copy, it’s got a green sticker on the upper left of the inner gatefold and, obviously, the banana has been peeled. Also, tiny bit of a split. (Check photos)

This record is very clean, with a few faint marks that don’t affect play (no skips or other nonsense), which isn’t to say that the quiet parts aren’t without crackle, but overall I think the record sounds pretty great. I just played through both sides and was pretty impressed.


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